Tuesday, August 28, 2007

SiF #82 Exploring the Female Prostate Gland

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About Deborah Sundahl:
In recent years the role of the G-spot in giving a woman intense pleasure has become widely accepted. Equally powerful is the capacity of the G-spot ejaculate. Moving from an account of what scientists think female ejaculate is, Deborah Sundahl provides a practical how-to guide for women and their partners.

Lelo Review
Reviewer: Coochie
Classifications: Clitoral stimulator/vibrator, dildo, G-spot stimulator
Materials: PC-ABS / medical grade silicone

LELO has released two more great vibrators, the LIV and GIGI. The style follows that of the IRIS and the ELISE. In fact the LIV is the “little sister” of the ELISE, containing the same smooth contours without the ridges of the IRIS. The GIGI is similar to the LIV but instead of a rounded tip it contains a flat tip with a smartly placed notch with which to stimulate the G-spot.

Both vibrators have five different modes ranging from constant vibration to varying degrees of pulsation. I prefer constant vibration for clitoral stimulation but have found enjoyment from the faster pulsation mode while the GIGI is directly stimulating my G-spot. In addition to G-spot stimulation, the flat tip of the GIGI is great for clitoral stimulation. It covers more area and disperses the vibration a bit for those who cannot handle as much direct stimulation.

LELO has improved the variable interface dial, making it much easier to tell the vibrator exactly what you want it to do. A tip for GIGI users: utilize the dial’s lock while thrusting away to avoid unwanted changes in vibration or pulsation.

While the GIGI is geared towards users with a G-spot, the LIV was built to appeal to both sexes. I’m not sure if LELO has direct prostate stimulation in mind for male users, but I strongly caution against anyone inserting either toy into an anus. Neither toy has a flared base so the risk of losing the toy in your rectum is high. A great way for men to use the LIV and the GIGI is to stimulate the perineum during sex or masturbation.

The LIV and GIGI are compact and travel very well. With a noise level under 50 decibels, LELO comes through once again for its fans of discreet pleasure. Each toy retails at $109.00 and is worth the investment.

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