Monday, July 16, 2007

SiF #75 - Quick and Dirty Guide to Dominating your Partner

Quick and dirty guide to dominating your partner

Today we'll be discussing many different ways to introduce sexual domination into your relationship.

Why is it fun to dominate or be dominated sexually?
Group discussion

Do you want to dominate your partner?
Discuss your partner’s limitations.

Does your partner want you to dominate them?
Get rid of preconceived notions of dungeons, whips and chains and try to figure out what they REALLY want. Be sure and surprise them. You can’t dominate them from a list they provide. You need to add your own stuff or they won’t feel like you are in control.

There is a difference between sexual domination (play) and abusive behavior. What is the difference?

Domination does not require tons of money or effort. You can dominate them in little ways to spice it up.
Remain in clothes while they strip naked
Call them and tell them to self-pleasure
Leave notes demanding small duties
Force them to give you selfless pleasure

What to do if domination does not come naturally for you?
Stay in character…

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