Wednesday, December 27, 2006

SiF #47 - Strap on Harnesses

Episode 45: Strap-on Dildo Show
Intro: Whether it is for gender play, prosthetic purposes or an entertaining a kinky desire, a sexy harness can add an exciting new dimension into your sexual relationship. In this episode of Sex is Fun we’ll be discussing how many couples use these sexy strapon contraptions, how to select one that works for you and how best to use it.
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Who uses harnesses? Why do couples use harnesses? How do you talk your partner into using a harness with you or on you?
-For prosthetic purposes-
-For gender play –
-For domination and fantasy-
-The great lesbian argument-
Is wearing a harness pleasurable for the wearer?
What kinds of harness options are available?
How to choose a dildo?
Tips for using a harness –
No nerve endings means you might not feel it when it pops out or changes angles.
Watch it or use your hand as a guide until you get comfortable with your stride
Keep the testicles protected in missionary on a man
Closing down:
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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

SiF #46 - The Holiday Buyer's Guide

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On today's show we have The Holiday Buyer's Guide. We divide and conquer the best of the best so you know what to buy your SO for the holidays.

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The Best of the Vibes


-Lelo Iris

-Hitachi Magic Wand


The Best of the Dildos:

-Vixskin Dildos

-Feeldoe Slim

Best of the Sexual Suppliments

-Boom Energy

Best of the Fucking Machines:

-The Monkey Rocker

Best of the Sex Furniture:

-Liberator Ramp

-Fascinator Throes

Best of the Strap-On Harnesses:

-Outlaw Leather's Annie-O

Best of the Butt Plugs:

-Pure Plug

Best of the Prostate Stimulators:

-Aneros MGX

Best of the Lube:

-Hydra Smooth

-System Jo

Friday, December 1, 2006

Sex is Fun Radio Show #45 - The Coochie Show

While Kidder is sick in bed with pneumonia I decided I'd make my own free-form show. I hope you enjoy it.
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