Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Sex is Fun #44 - Interview with a Mature Gay Man

Sorry for the delay and the crappy notes but I've got Mononucleosis and I've got a fever that is tearing me a new one. I really wanted to get this one out before Thanksgiving so I decided to risk my life and the lives of other motorists to come to the office and upload this bad boy. It is an interview with a mature gay man who knows more stuff than us. Is a temperature of 103˚ all that serious?
Enjoy and "achoo!" It hurts when I move, think, sneeze, and not move, don't think and don't sneeze.
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Monday, November 13, 2006

Sex is Fun #43 - Sexual Power

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Show Intro:
Many people underestimate the powers of their primary and secondary sexual characteristics, in this episode we're going to define what traits you have and how to best use them to entice and excite your partner for mutual benefit. 

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What are secondary sexual characteristics?
The sexual characteristics that appear during puberty.
In most basic terms, they are visible and tactile traits that help differentiate men from women. In animals this may mean different coloring as in Mallard Ducks and Peacocks. 

Facial Hair and Body Hair
Larger muscle mass - leading to broader shoulders 
Adam's Apple
Narrow Hip to Waist Ratio 

Larger and rounder Breasts
Longer Slimmer Necks
More subcutaneous fat - softer skin
Wider hip to waist ratio
Redder Lips - sign of fertility

Secondary sex characteristics are immediate attractors but are not globally required traits. Meaning you don't need to require all of these to attract a mate and that many people prefer subdued traits while others wish for exaggerated traits.  When is the last time you heard a woman say, "Oh and you should have seen his gigantic Adam's Apple. Wow he is hot!" 

How to exaggerate your sex characteristics:
Make up, padded bras, facial hair grooming, working out, diet, clothing, augmentation. 

Primary Sexual Characteristics:
What are they? 
They are the sex characteristics that you are born with. In simplest terms we are talking about penis and vagina. Or cock and pussy or, schlong and cunt, or dick and twat, or whatever you wish. 

Men have a penis, testicles inside of the scrotum

Women have a vulva which includes the labia, clitoris, clitoral hood, vaginal opening and inside they have a vagina. 

Everybody knows that they have primary sex organs and many people even forgo fully enjoying the secondary sex characteristics and head streight for the genitals. But it seems that very few ever much emphasis on the power that their genitals can have on their sex partners. 

A letter to women about their vagina...
Between your legs resides an enormous source of power. Men want it, have killed for it and most are willing to pay moderate sums of money for mearly a glimps at it. It is beautiful and complex. Its coloring changes with arousal much like a flower in blossom. It emits a scent that is unmistakably sexual and will arouse a majority of men who are lucky enough to smell the and taste it at the source. Most men and many women enjoy lapping the nectar of your sex with soft wet lips and bright pink tongues. To feel the vulva is to understand delight. It is soft wet and warm to the touch. It welcomes a gentle friendly fingers and repels rough unsavory fumbling. Men remain in awe of your power and spend most of their waking hours pondering the delights and mystery of your sex. They yearn to enter it and be cradled by your inner walls of delightfully soft and warm refuge. To penetrate a vagina with a penis is the apex of life to many men and once inside we are primal and instinctive with an intolerable urge to thrust and coat ourselves in its lubricous spirits. The pleasure it gives is indescribable and unmatchable making us slaves to it and the desire to fill it with the juices of our loins and inject your sex with our life blood...                                       

A letter to men about their penis...        
Even flaccid it is proud. So exposed and yet unafraid. A large sac that is unearthly soft and supple contains the source of all that is masculine and elemental seeds of life. The slightest touch or trigger will begin its growth as it becomes engorged with hot blood. It grows rigid in the shaft and yet remains soft and spongy in the head. Its color darkens and its parts become defined. The skin slides easily back uncovering the crown and exposing the sensitive underside. It is an object that excels in its engineering. It designed for penetration and to give and receive pleasure. Women find themselves in awe as they touch it and desire to master its pleasure and release. A majority of women and some men salivate at the sight and genuinely desire the feeling of it in their mouths. Some even desire prolonged oral penetration wish to trick it into releasing its climax to taste and hungrily consume the fluid that is the essence of masculinity. With lubrication it enters its lover and stimulates nerve endings making both partners feel alive and fulfilled with desires from men who wish their asses pounded and women who desire their vaginas penetrated. Every thrust increases the pleasure and brings climax deliciously closer until finally orgasm is achieved with subsequent pumping of wetness that coats the thirsty wall of our receptive organs. 

How can you use your genitals to please and delight your lover?
Show them!

So many couples keep their genitals hidden under sheets when they have sex. Get it out there.

Get it excited and aroused before you have sex. Lubricate it and make it shiny and wet.
Spread your legs let him watch as you reveal yourself with your fingers.
Stand with one leg on a chair so that he can see inside. 
Show him how you can experience pleasure from touching it.
Allow him to explore it with his fingers and his tongue. 

To many women, a penis is like a dragon. They have heard tales but have never really examined one up close and are a little afraid of it. 
Show them what it does and that you know how to use it. 
Don't just fiddle with it. Worship it in your hands. 
Show them how forceful you can grip your tug on your scrotum. That amazes them.
Show them how fast you can rub it and how far you can shoot your cum. That amazes them too. 

When you see your partners genitals don't dismiss it and don't look away. Look directly at it. Study it. Worship it. Let them know how it makes you feel to see, feel, smell and taste it. Life is short, enjoy these gifts as we have no idea if you can take them with you when you die. 

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Next week: Interview with a mature gay man who has seen it all.

Friday, November 3, 2006

Sex is Fun Radio Show #42 - Sex and the Religious Right

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On this episode we interview Doug Rutter, a right-winged conservative evangelical christian pastor. What kinds of sex acts are Jesus approved?

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