Friday, October 27, 2006

Sex is Fun Radio Show #41 - PME Expo and Farewell to a Good Friend

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In this show we tell our personal experiences from the PME. We also say good bye to one of the founding members of the Sex is Fun Show.
Other podcsters mentioned in this show.
Leo Laporte 7:35
Taz and Mouse 10:17
Feedburner 10:27
Kitcast/Galacticast 11:05
Violet Blue 11:22
Whispered Pearls 11:25
Twilight and Thebes 11:29
Whore Cast 11:31
Podcast Pickle 12:22
Feast of Fools 17:11
Dawn and Drew 17:42
PK and J 19:57
Cunning Minx 21:33
Grey Dance 23:02
Let's Get Naughty 24:40
Naughty Sheets 24:40
Rosary Army 25:57
Catholic Insider 27:12
Whorecast 31:04
Fetish Flame 31:17

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