Thursday, December 29, 2005

Sex is Fun 12 - Sex in the Great Outdoors

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On today's show we talk about the safest way to be an exhibitionist and have sex in public.

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Catch Up
-We're at it again, OMGJeremy. (last time I promise)
-Lorax's latest sexual adventure
-Future of "Sex is Fun"
-Email our Marketing Genius

Sex in the Outdoors
-First our adventurous stories
-Then Kidder's one bad experience

Adult Resorts
-Hedonism Resort
-Desire Resort
-The Terra Cotta Inn Resort

Travel Agencies and other info Travel Agency
-Connection Travel Agency
-NASCA Travel Agencies
-Nudist Resort Resource
-Tips from

Mail Bag
-How not to get caught for having sex in your car

-Scavenger Hunt

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