Thursday, December 1, 2005

Sex is Fun 007 - Interviewing the Sex Industry

Interviewing the Sex Industry

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On today's show we interview people working in the sex industry. A former employee of a pornographic video retailer and our new best friends Smitten Kitten.
Sarah from a video retailer.
-tells us there isn't a difference between working there vs. another business.

Smitten Kitten
-They taught us stuff about our sex toys. Check the Product Review page for changes.
-Laya Spot
-Lone Star
-Feeldoe Slim
-Infinty silicone lube
-Silicone Clit Pump
-Rock Chick
--We will review most of these toys as the weeks go by.
-We're building a good relationship with Smitten Kitten and will be talking about the benefits for you in later shows.

Links to learn about Phthalates
Cosmetics Resources:
Medical Resources:
Environmental Exposure:
Link to Judith Helfand's website for her award winning documentary:
Smitten Kitten will also be happy to answer sex toy related questions.
Toll Free: 888.751.0523

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