Sunday, November 13, 2005

Sex is Fun 006 - Birth Control and Contraceptives

How to keep from getting babies and having STIs

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On today's show we are talking about birth control and contraceptives. How to be safe, but still have fun. Yes, it's a little long today, but I think you'll be pleasantly surprised!

Catch-up All information can be found at
Planned Parenthood
-condoms, ways to eroticize them and make them more fun.
-female condoms, some advantages to male condoms
-oral barriers

Birth Control - NonHormonal

Birth Control - Hormonal
-the pill, a hormonal pill taken everyday
-the patch, a patch wore for a week at a time
-the ring, a ring inserted into your vagina for three weeks
-Depo-Provera, a shot given by your doctor every three months
-hormonal birth control methods are affected by other drugs, talk to your doctor.

Our New Favorite Thing!
-Pleasure Plus Condoms

One final method

-None! What are you guys doing? Send us questions, comments, and stories, oh my!

-again none, birth control shouldn't be a game.

Instead we have a cool treat - stay tuned and you will be rewarded.

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